About Us

Our History in Detroit

Bargain Office Equipment was founded in 1980 under Fotec, when we serviced the drafting job shops of Metro Detroit. We sold everything a drafting shop would need, from blueprint paper to specialized 100mm grid stylus mylar. We also became heavily involved with used drafting equipment, such as drafting tables, blueprint machines, flat files, drafting machines, potters, layout tables, and more.

We made the decision to switch gears from the drafting space to the office furniture space as the manual drafting world started becoming more digitized. We then realized we would require a much larger space compared to what we previously needed. Now we are on our third building since making that industry switch, which is a testament to the growth that we have experienced in the market. We have managed to stay a step ahead of our competitors by following a few simple philosophies: keep our customers first, never underestimate the competition, and always strive to keep the value of our service and product as high as possible.

In 1996, we moved into a four story building on Michigan Avenue and 35th street. It was built in 1913 as a cigar manufacturing factory. We later learned that Detroit was the capital of cigar making during that era. In 2006, we moved into a building that was built in 1895. That location was originally a pickle, mustard, vinegar, and jelly factory. It was built by the “Williams Bros.” who now operate as “The Mennen Company”. The grandson, G. Mennen Williams, was the governor of Michigan in the 1950’s.

Our current location, which we have occupied since March of 2018, was built in 1909. It was originally used to create headlamps for Henry Ford’s original Model T automobile. We truly love being a Detroit company and are honored to add to the history of the city by occupying these historical buildings. Our company has always had a great appreciation for businesses that have come before us.

One Team Built From All Walks of Life

Bargain Office Equipment is very proud to be a Detroit company. With that being close to our heart, we understand that there are many people who have fallen on hard times, especially in Detroit. We have many jobs that require manual labor, and we make an effort to make a positive impact on the people in our city with the jobs we have available. One of the most impactful ways that we help Detroiters is by partnering with local half-way houses in Detroit, and hire individuals who are ready to get back into the workforce. We offer them full time employment, which can be very difficult to come by. We are empathetic towards those who want to become a part of something positive and move forward with their lives. We compensate them with a great wage, acceptance back into their community, and our respect to them as our fellow man and Detroiter. 

We have staff that have been with us from the beginning, and some that have been a part of our family for close to 40 years. Bargain Office Equipment has been a staple in the office furniture space for years, and that would not be possible without the efforts of the people on our team. We could not be more excited about the growth and prosperity in our city, and we will be here serving our customers with local people on the team for as long as we possibly can!