Refurbushed Cubicles

Are you searching for quality office cubicles at an affordable price? At Bargain Office Equipment, we have thorough experience with cubicle refurbishing. Our office cubicles are completely reconditioned to ensure that you are getting durable work stations at a great deal. We have been serving customers for years and we have a proven process for a quality product.

Our restoration process includes many steps, with some of the most important including:

  • Stripping panels of side rails, electric, and feet.
  • Cleaning and expertly fitting cubicles with new custom fabric.
  • Cleaning of side rails which are handled by an expert prepper.
  • Painting with ultra-durable and long lasting electrostatic paint.
  • Cleaning of raceway feet and electric components, and checking for function, quality, and safety.

Antimicrobial Cubicle Solutions

Some businesses need to be as clean as possible. Health sensitive interactions need to maintain as much of a germ free environment as possible, and we often get related requests for special considerations. We’ve developed a line of refurbished cubicles with various materials that will help you to maintain a clean working environment.

All of our refurbished cubicles can be customized to fit any office style. If you have any questions concerning our refurbished cubicles, contact our office today.

Double team cubical with three chairs