Herman Miller®


Why We Choose Herman Miller® Products

At Bargain Office Equipment, we have sold a variety of manufacturer’s office furniture in the past. Herman Miller® manufactures some of the best cubicle workstations available. A factor that is very important to us is that their products are American made. Not only that, they are made right in Grand Rapids, MI. Herman Miller® is a true veteran in the office furniture space, and they understand that ease of assembly is critical to customers, especially when shipping out of town. Our customers must have a product that is easy to work with and that can be assembled quickly and easily. They produce cubicles of every height, from 32” tall up to 85” tall, with doors if desired. They truly have the customer’s best interest integrated into their products, which gives us confidence in working with their products.


What’s the Herman Miller® Difference?

Besides selling Herman Miller® cubicles, we also sell many of their other products. We offer their files, chairs, computer tables, conference tables, bookcases, and more.Since the 1930s, Herman Miller® has been a leader in the modern design of office furniture, and we are happy to work with them.

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