Custom Office Tables

Office Table

When looking to create a functional, beautiful office space, custom furniture is a great option! We offer a wide selection of custom office tables to complement your workspace. Not only are custom office tables created to specifically fit into your space, they will also ensure productivity and flow.

Custom Layout Drawings

The first step in creating custom office tables is to make a custom layout drawing. Our professionals will visit your office space to measure it and draw up a layout drawing. This drawing is a map of your office space, and indicates where your new, custom office tables will be placed.

Office Table Installation

After we discuss your vision for your custom office tables, we will get to work creating them. The next step is installation. We offer office table installation services to make your moving-in process easier! When we install your office tables, your workspace will be ready to use the minute you walk through the door.

We offer a wide array of customization features, including:

  • Paint colors
  • Choice of fabric
  • Heights and dimensions
  • Storage components
  • And more

Our custom conference tables are made to order. We offer a wide variety of sizes to fit into any conference room. We also offer new, commercial grade training tables with your choice of laminates. These work surfaces are made with durable t-molded edges to prevent scratches and dents. The legs are also scuff-resistant.

Our team is committed to providing you with quality, professional service. If you are interested in learning more about custom desks, contact our office today.