At Bargain Office Equipment, we take pride in our work, and aim to provide you with the best outcome possible. In order to do that, we offer a number of services, including layout drawings and furniture installation. These services are vital steps in ensuring that your office furniture experience is top-notch!

Layout Drawing

Creating a layout drawing is a crucial first step to building the workspace of your dreams. After we measure your office space, we will generate a layout drawing. With this layout we are able to ensure we have a clear vision of your ideal workspace. We take this drawing and make your dream space a reality.

Our team will measure the walls, doors, windows, and other important features of the space so that the floor plan will be accurate. We will also take into account how many people are meant to fit into the work space before drawing up a plan that includes the desired office furniture. Our main goal is to create a visual of your ideal space to ensure the comfort and productivity of your employees.

Furniture Installation

When the time comes to put your new office together, our team will be there for you. We provide office furniture installation services so you can enjoy your space the moment you walk in!

For local businesses, we will visit your office to measure the space to ensure a smooth installation process. For our out of town clients, we will ship your order to the installation company directly, so they can set up the furniture quickly and easily.

Want to learn more about we can make your ideal space a reality? Contact our office today.